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  • NBinder  v.4.0nBinder is a file binder, compressor and icon changer. Use nBinder to: *Compress your executables *Enhance your executables *Password protect your files *Protect your exe(s) with passwords *Bind and compress executables and other resources *Keep your ...
  • MFileBinder  v.1.0mFileBinder is an advanced file binder which binds multiple file of any type and merges into a single executable file. mFileBinder uses rijndael encryption algorithm to encrypt the file which can make Virus / Trojans Fully Undetectable. Set the ...
  • Cordyceps  v.171Cordyceps is a file binder/packager written in C#/WPF. Through generation and compilation of unmanaged C++ Cordyceps is able to create portable executables that can be run on machines without the .NET Framework. Requires Visual C++ to compile.
  • EXE Joiner  v. Joiner is a program that can join 2 or more files (no matter their type) into 1 single executable. That executable (into which the files are included) is a small compiled program that can launch the included files 1 by 1.
  • FindYourFiles Basic  v.3.3.2FindYourFiles offers easy way to archive documents at work and at home. Order and better workplace organization. The documents are gathered in digital folders and binders that correspond to the ones in a traditional archive. Quick access to necessary ...
  • Find Your Files  v.3.3.2With Find Your Files, the electronic versions of documents are protected against damage, loss and unauthorized access. Find Your Files is a perfect solution for companies. Thanks to Find Your Files, the important documents can be scanned and ...
  • Swift Tracking Cookie Exploit Binder Stopper  v.1.0.64Swift Tracking Cookie Exploit Binder Stopper's features include: High-speed file scan engine capable of detecting modified trojans; Memory scanning for detecting any modified variant of a particular build of a trojan; Registry scanning. Protect and ...
  • Swift Unwanted Toolbars Binder Time Bomb Removal  v.1.0.84Swift Unwanted Toolbars Binder Time Bomb Removal helps you to find packed files, processes, and services on your system. Frequently, malware are packed and hidden in many different folders, therefore is much difficult to find every reply of them.
  • AD File Transmitter  v.1.5.1AD File Transmitter is an application, allows you to automate frequent file transfer operations between different offices or different computers and process data replication tasks. The files can be sent thru the local area network or sent by email.
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